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Great Ways to Get Exercise and Have Fun Too

Feb 12, 2022 | Healthy Living

Great Ways to Get Exercise and Have Fun TooWhen you want to get regularly active, it’s time to take a look at all the great ways to get exercise and have fun doing it! Whether you’ve spent the last few years essentially inactive or you’ve been forcing yourself to get up and do a workout you despise, there are lots of ways to turn your physical activity into something you enjoy doing.

Yes, There Are Great Ways to Get Exercise and Have Fun!

Many people firmly believe that they don’t like workouts.  It’s common for people to think they just prefer not to be physically active.  Still, most of us know that we should – or need to – get in shape.

The very simple fact is that there are great ways to get exercise and have fun doing it.  This is true for nearly every person on the planet.  The key is to find what appeals to you.  This will likely take a touch of trial and error, but if you approach it with an open mind, then the journey to finding the workouts you like can also be enjoyable!

Once you get the hang of it, you will reach the point that you don’t think of your physical activity as a workout that is good for you.  Great ways to get exercise and have fun will simply be something you do – and that you look forward to! You won’t even focus on the calorie burn you really will be achieving. Instead, you’ll just be doing something you love – on your own or with friends, family or teammates.

Loving Your Workout Often Means Not Thinking of It as a Workout

If you haven’t liked workouts until now, then it’s time to change your mindset about the physical activity you’re going to be doing on a regular basis.  To start, stop telling yourself that you don’t like physical activity. What you haven’t liked are the workouts you’ve done until now.  If you approach something determined not to like it, you’ll only be right…and in this case, being right means that you lose.

Get your motivation up there by telling yourself you’re trying something new. Great ways to exercise and have fun aren’t a workout that is medically required and measured. They’re physical activities that you like doing, that give you time with people you like, and/or that provide you with a sense of accomplishment. Yes, some of it will be hard.  But that can be great.  It will be difficult, but you’ll push through it and be proud of yourself. Over time, you’ll start to see your progress, and you’ll feel even better about it all.

How to Find Great Ways to Exercise and Have Fun

Some of the great ways to get exercise and have fun too involve having a companion of some sort. This can mean your dog, your kids, a spouse, a friend or family member, or group of people. It can be a running room, a yoga class or a sports team, if you’re looking for a more structured approach.

In a group setting you can go walking, hiking, rock climbing, dancing, martial arts or self-defense, and yoga. All of these exercises are both fun and offer new skills, and a chance to foster some serious creativity. Even if you work a lot, use your break time to go for a walk or a jog. Ten to fifteen minutes walking around outside, or even just skipping the elevator and running your way up the stairs can get your heart pumping and make you feel energized for your next work session.

Get the Family Involved!

If you have kids (or even if you don’t), there are quite a few activities that will help you get fit and feeling young again. Roughhousing with your kids allows you to remember what it’s like to be a kid.

So often we tell our kids to stop climbing on tables, chairs, and other objects but climbing on stuff is a great form of exercise. You climb on stumps, falling trees, picnic tables, and any other sturdy balanced objects you can find. You and your kids can also go to an empty field or park and do handstands, cartwheels, and somersaults. Go to the playground, go down the slide, swing on the swings, or just create an obstacle course for you and your kids. Who knew parenting could be such a workout?

Try Lots of New Great Ways to Exercise and Have Fun

Consider going eco-friendly by biking to work. You can save money, burn calories, and enjoy some new scenery. Another great way to get exercise and have fun is through group activities. Get some friends together and play basketball, football, soccer, baseball, or even those childhood games that used to entertain us for hours. Also, normal daily things such as cleaning or video games can help you to be active. Video games to choose include Wii Fitness, Just Dance, or Wii tennis. They can help you be active and have fun at the same time.

Make fun exercise a priority in your life. Get others to join along in your exercise routine with you. Make fitness commitments as much as possible, committing to something with someone else will help you stick with your goals. Also prepaying for fitness classes such as yoga, Zumba, or dance classes will help you stick to your fitness regimen as well. Putting out money in advance will help you make that a priority.

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