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This Weight Loss Therapy May Lower Your Chances of Getting Skin Cancer

Feb 5, 2020 | Medical Weight Loss

Weight Loss Therapy and Skin Cancer RiskThere are many different weight loss therapies available today to help you slim down if you’re overweight or obese. However, one weight loss therapy in particular, might come with the added benefit of lowering your chances of getting skin cancer. Keep reading to learn about this weight loss therapy, and how it might benefit you if you’ve been struggling to slim down.

The Benefits of Bariatric Surgery for Weight Loss and Cancer Prevention 

According to Medical News Today, researchers have found that there is a link between reduced cancer risk and bariatric surgery. They found that obese patients who underwent this weight loss surgery had a lower risk of developing melanoma, a type of skin cancer, than those who did not undergo this procedure to lose weight.

How Can This Link Be Possible? 

By now, you might be wondering what bariatric surgery could possibly have to do with skin cancer risk. Well, initially, experts knew that obesity can be a risk factor for certain types of cancer, so they wondered if it might also be associated with an increased risk of melanoma. After looking at data on patients who underwent bariatric surgery, it appears that there may be a link after all.

Researchers aren’t totally sure yet what the relationship is between skin cancer and obesity, but they think that it might have to do with:

  • Inflammation – when obesity results in chronic inflammation, that might create an environment where tumors can grow more easily
  • Diet – when people undergo weight loss surgery, they often change their diet afterwards, and improvements in diet might help reduce cancer risk
  • Activity level – many patients who undergo bariatric surgery and lose a lot of weight also become more active, which is another factor that supports health and fights disease

Talk to Your Doctor About Weight Loss Surgery

Ultimately, more research is necessary to fully understand the link between obesity and skin cancer. In the meantime, if you are obese and you haven’t been able to lose weight with other methods, it might be worth talking to your doctor about whether or not bariatric surgery is an option for you. By tackling your obesity, you can help get your health on track in many ways and reducing your cancer risk might be one of them. Not too keen on the idea of going under the knife? Try one of these supplements from this best diet pills ranking list at Intechra Health.


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